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Post-Root Canal Care: Exploring the Need for Crowns

September 6, 2023
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Post-Root Canal Care: Exploring the Need for Crowns

Facing the prospect of a root canal therapy in College Station, TX, can be quite unnerving, but it's essential to remember that this procedure can save your tooth and alleviate pain. Once the root canal is complete, there's still an important step to consider: getting a dental crown.  

Learn the significance of crowns after undergoing root canal therapy and why they are crucial in maintaining oral health and smile.

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The Role of Crowns in Root Canal Therapy

After undergoing a root canal therapy, the role of dental crowns becomes paramount in ensuring the long-term health and stability of the treated tooth. Let's delve into three essential examples that highlight the significance of crowns in post-root canal care:

Structural Reinforcement

Once the inner pulp and nerve of a tooth are removed during a root canal, the tooth's structural integrity may be compromised. A dental crown acts as a protective shell, providing reinforcement and preventing potential fractures. By encasing the tooth, the crown distributes the force of biting and chewing evenly, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the tooth's durability over time.

Prevention of Infections

Even after a successful root canal therapy, there is a slight chance of bacterial reinfection. A crown acts as a barrier, sealing the tooth's surface and preventing bacteria from infiltrating the inner chambers. This added layer of protection significantly reduces the likelihood of future infections and the need for further dental interventions.

Restoring Aesthetic and Functional Qualities

Root canal treatment can sometimes leave a tooth discolored or slightly altered in shape. A dental crown addresses these aesthetic concerns by restoring the tooth's natural appearance.  

Furthermore, the crown allows you to chew and bite comfortably, ensuring the restored tooth functions harmoniously with your other teeth. This aspect is particularly important for maintaining a balanced bite and preventing strain on adjacent teeth.

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Have More Questions Regarding Root Canal Therapy in College Station, TX?  

If you've recently undergone a root canal or are considering one, make sure to discuss the possibility of a dental crown with your dentist.  

Reach out to Cashion Dental for expert guidance on post-root canal care and Contact Cashion Dental today to learn more about post-root canal care and how dental crowns can benefit your oral health and smile! Book an appointment with us today.  

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