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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

At Cashion Dental, our goal will always be to save your teeth whenever possible. However, there are some cases where this isn’t possible. If you’re in need of a tooth removal, no one has a gentler touch than our staff.

What Situations Will Require Extractions?

There are several reasons why you may need to remove a tooth. Advanced decay, severe infection, and impacted wisdom teeth top the list. If serious trauma affects the soft pulp under the enamel, the tooth will need to come out and we’ll suggest replacing it with a dental implant topped with a same-day crown.

How Do Teeth Become Infected?

  • Bacterial growth in gums or teeth
  • Frequent sipping or snacking
  • Smoking or heavy drinking
  • Poor toothbrushing habits
  • Sugary foods and drinks

What Should You Expect During an Extraction?

Tooth extractions in most cases are usually straightforward and begin with applying a local anesthetic to the surrounding area. We also offer sedation through nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation for further pain suppression and elevated comfortability.

You’ll feel some slight pressure when we use a special tool called an elevator, which loosens teeth. During the removal process you may also hear a cracking sound, but don’t worry, this is normal.

After the procedure is over, the area will be bleeding, so it’s important to apply pressure with gauze for about an hour. In some cases, the area left open by the tooth will need to be stitched together to improve the healing process.

What are the Benefits of Tooth Extractions?

Dental bonding has many great benefits other than making your smile whole again. Here are some exciting things to look forward to:

  • Stop spread of an infected tooth
  • No more pain
  • Better oral health if procedure is required

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction in College Station?

We know that a tooth extraction can seem intimidating, but sometimes it needs to be done in order to prevent more issues from happening. We will make sure your visit is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. If you feel like you might be in need of a tooth extraction, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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