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Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of a Tooth Extraction

August 9, 2021
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Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of a Tooth Extraction

It may seem counterintuitive but it’s true, dentists would prefer not to perform a tooth extraction in College Station, TX, as they would rather save it. While it’s true that there are numerous ways to save a tooth, there are times when a tooth extraction is the only best solution to preserve your oral health.  Not to worry because advancements in dental technology have made tooth extractions remarkably fast, easy, painless, and comfortable for patients. If you’re dreading having your tooth extracted, it helps to know the facts. 

Why Tooth Extractions Aren’t as Bad as They Seem

Why A Tooth Extraction Is Needed

Tooth extraction is considered the last option so if your dentist recommends it then it means it has to be done. Otherwise, it will become a threat to your oral health.  What cases would require a tooth extraction? If the tooth is severely decayed or damaged that it can no longer be repaired, it needs to be removed so that the infection will not spread to nearby teeth.  Another reason would be impacted teeth like wisdom teeth. When impacted wisdom teeth are not removed they can cause pain and as they grow their position may press against nearby tooth roots. 

Why You Should Not Be Afraid of a Tooth Extraction 

Despite having a notorious reputation, tooth extractions are not that bad. In fact, it’s a safe, comfortable, painless, and quick procedure that solves the problem in just several minutes.  Anesthesia will be administered to numb the site before the procedure starts. You’ll be asked to inform the dentist if you start feeling uncomfortable so that adjustments can be made. 

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction in College Station, TX?

Tooth extractions are safe as long as it’s performed by a licensed and experienced dentist. It’s not something you need to be afraid of.  At Cashion Dental, we prioritize your oral health as well as your comfort. We have an experienced team who will take care of you the moment you step inside our clinic. Call us today to book an appointment or if you wish to learn more about our practice. 

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