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What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

August 2, 2022
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What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

What comes to mind when you think of fluoride treatment in College Station, TX? Children. Cavities. Tooth decay. While everyone knows fluoride is an essential treatment for children, not a lot of people are aware that adults need it too. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps promote strong teeth and prevents tooth decay and cavities. It has been a preventive measure to protect your teeth against harmful cavity-causing bacteria for decades.

 Toothbrush and fluoride treatment in college station tx

How Can You Benefit From Fluoride Treatments?  

Makes Your Enamel Strong  

The hardest layer of your tooth is the enamel. However, despite how hard it is, regular consumption of acidic food and drinks can cause them to erode and eventually break down. When your enamel starts to deteriorate, you’ll develop tooth sensitivity.

People with tooth sensitivity complain of pain when their teeth come in contact with acidic or hot and cold food and drinks. Besides applying sealants and brushing and flossing, fluoride treatments help keep your enamel strong and protect it against premature erosion. This, in turn, significantly reduces your risk of tooth sensitivity.  

Reversed Damage to Your Teeth  

Did you know that acids not only erode your enamel but also destroy your tooth’s structure by removing essential minerals on your teeth? Examples of these minerals are phosphorus and calcium.  

When your teeth are deprived of these essential minerals, they become weak and prone to damage. Luckily, fluoride treatments can reverse it by adding important minerals back to your teeth in a process called remineralization.  

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Interested in Fluoride Treatment in College Station, TX?  

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