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The Top 3 Benefits of Getting Fluoride Treatments

November 24, 2021
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The Top 3 Benefits of Getting Fluoride Treatments

Are you familiar with fluoride treatment in College Station, TX? Fluoride is a mineral that your body naturally produces. For over seven decades, America’s tap water has contained minute amounts of fluoride to reduce the occurrence of tooth decay. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fluoridated water has reduced reports of tooth decay by up to 25%. So, the next time you visit your dentist, don’t say no to fluoride treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments given in the office contain high fluoride concentrations to keep your enamel strong while reducing your risk of developing cavities. The fluoride treatment is given via varnish, foam, gel, or solution form. Some people can use fluoride treatments at home but should be under the direction of a dentist. The fluoride used in clinics is the same as the fluoride found in your tube of toothpaste, but the only difference is that the concentration is much higher in the clinic.  

What Are the Perks of Receiving Fluoride Treatment?

#1 - Fluoride treatments allow your body to make use of other minerals like phosphate and calcium. Your teeth will start reabsorbing these minerals to help repair damaged and weakened enamel. #2 - For developing teeth, fluoride combines with your tooth structure to amplify the strength of your enamel. The stronger your enamel, the less susceptible you are to cavity development. #3 - Studies show that regular fluoride treatments help reverse cavities by destroying cavity-causing bacteria. Fluoride treatments also slow the growth of cavities, spare you from costly dental work, help prevent gum disease, reduce tooth pain, and stop the premature loss of permanent teeth.  

Are You Interested in Fluoride Treatment in College Station, TX?

If you want to improve your oral health, ask your dentist about fluoride treatments. At Cashion Dental, we aim to keep your mouth healthy and happy with our wide range of superior quality dental services. Our team of dental health professionals will take the time to listen to your needs so we can come up with a personalized treatment plan that targets your main concerns. Call us today to book an appointment.

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