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Reasons Why You Should Choose Composite Fillings

September 6, 2022
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Reasons Why You Should Choose Composite Fillings

Why do dentists recommend composite fillings in College Station, TX? The number one reason why you might need composite fillings is if you have cavities. Other names for cavities are caries or tooth decay. When a cavity is left untreated, it eventually leads to a tooth infection or abscess. If it reaches this stage, you’ll need costly and more extensive treatment, and there’s even a possibility that your dentist may extract your tooth if the infection becomes severe.  

patient shows composite fillings in College Station, TX

Why Are Composite Fillings Necessary?  

What Is a Composite Filling?    

A composite dental filling is a way of restoring a damaged or decayed tooth to its normal shape, color, and function. Dentists typically require a filling if you have cavities. The decayed parts of your teeth are removed first; then, the area is cleaned and disinfected.    

Once it’s ready, your dentist will fill the cavity with a filling material to close off the space and prevent bacteria from entering. It also protects your tooth against further decay. There are different types of filling materials available, but the most popular of all is the composite filling.  

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

Although there are plenty of filling materials to choose from, most patients prefer composite fillings because they share the same color as their natural teeth. They do not stand out, unlike gold and amalgam fillings.    

People love composite because they don’t feel self-conscious when they open their mouths since the fillings blend naturally with the rest of their teeth. Another major advantage of composite is it doesn’t contain mercury, reducing the risk of other health complications.    

dentist seals composite fillings in College Station, TX

Do You Need Composite Fillings in College Station, TX?  

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