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How Do You Know If You Have Cavities?

January 10, 2022
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How Do You Know If You Have Cavities?

Are your teeth healthy? One of the signs of healthy teeth is being free from cavities. Unfortunately, 90% of adults in the US suffer from cavities. Luckily, cavities can easily be treated with composite fillings in College Station, TX. Dental fillings help preserve your teeth's strength, integrity, and aesthetic appeal and protect them against further damage. When cavities aren’t treated, they can create more damage to your teeth.

Do You Have Cavities?

What Is a Cavity?

Cavities are holes and pits that form on your teeth. A cavity is a result of plaque buildup. When plaque remains in your teeth, the bacteria present in plaque release acids that eat away the protective layer of your teeth known as the enamel.

To stop plaque from creating cavities, dentists suggest you brush and floss your teeth every day and visit your dentist twice a year for an oral exam and routine teeth cleaning.

What Are the Signs You Have Cavities?

The usual way people find out they have cavities is when their dentist tells them about the condition of their teeth following an oral exam. However, you can observe signs of cavities, such as sensitivity to hot and cold, lingering sensitivity to sweet treats, tooth pain, white spots on your teeth, brownish or blackish stains, and pits and holes on your teeth.

Do You Need Composite Filings in College Station, TX?

Do you want to know if you have cavities? Our expert dentist can check your teeth, and if you have cavities, we offer composite filling treatments to help restore your teeth to normal.

At Cashion Dental, we aim to keep your mouth healthy and happy with our affordable dental treatments. Our team has the skills and knowledge to perform simple to complex procedures. We listen to your needs so we can come up with a personalized treatment plan that targets your main concerns. Call us today to book an appointment.

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