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Do Veneers Look Fake?

February 28, 2022
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Do Veneers Look Fake?

Will your smile look fake if you get veneers in College Station, TX? We’re sure you’ve seen people in your hometown with teeth that look TOO perfect. Their teeth are either too bright that it’s blinding or too straight that it will make you think they spent decades wearing braces.  The versatility of veneers makes them extremely popular, but because you’ve noticed some people wearing veneers that look fake, you’re having second thoughts if you want to push through with it. Will veneers make your smile look fake?  

Will My Smile Look Fake If I Wear Veneers?

What Makes Veneers Look Fake?

If the veneer design has zero imperfections, then yes, it will not give you a natural-looking smile. Your teeth aren’t designed to be perfect. There are grooves, transparencies, and minor rotations that, when combined, will provide you with a beautiful smile.  A skilled cosmetic dentist will include all these when fabricating your veneers to achieve a more natural look. Teeth that are too straight, too white, and too opaque will not look natural.  

How to Make Your Veneers Look Natural?

Getting a natural smile with veneers is very much possible. The first thing you should do is find a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist for a consultation.  Ask your cosmetic dentist about their training and if they can provide a portfolio showcasing before and after photos of his patients. Another important consideration is the lab used to make the veneers. Make sure your cosmetic dentist partners with a reputable lab to get the best results.

Are You Looking to Get Veneers in College Station, TX?

Veneers are a great way to transform your smile. Make sure you’re getting them from the best cosmetic dentist. At Cashion Dental, we offer affordable and customizable cosmetic dental treatments to give you a natural and beautiful-looking smile. Call us today to book an appointment.

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