5 Reasons To Explore Invisible Braces

Published by Cashion Dental on January 26, 2015

[Posted on January 26th, 2015 by Cashion Dental]

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Invisible braces have the ability to repair your smile so it is both healthier and more attractive. This can boost your self-confidence by ensuring you always look your best. Whether you have gaps, small spaces or other alignment issues, these types of braces have their benefits. You won’t have a mouthful of metal, so it’s worth asking about when you want to do something about your smile.

Here are five reasons to consider this cosmetic dental procedure:

1. Affordability

The cost of braces can vary dramatically, especially as you get older. Depending on the kind of insurance you have, your policy may not provide coverage if you are over the age of 18. As such, you want to make sure you can afford the braces that are needed to correct your teeth.

Often, invisible braces can be more affordable than ceramic or metal braces. When you make an appointment at Cashion Dental, you can learn about whether the invisible variety is right for you or not and get a quote on what it will cost.

2. Aesthetics

Anytime you have dental work done, you want it to look good. This goes for same day crowns, braces, etc. It’s hard to feel as though you have succeeded aesthetically if there is nothing but metal showing when you smile. But braces that are invisible maintain your appearance, even while in the process of improving, so there’s no awkward transition phase to worry about it.

3. Procedural Ease

Metal braces can be painful, because they can easily poke into the gums from time to time, as well as when they are being adjusted. If the metal isn’t adjusted, it can also be a strain on your teeth, gums and even jaws. The invisible version, on the other hand, goes on easily and does not cause any pain. Depending upon whether you need a full set or just a partial, these braces can be applied in just a few hours too.

4. Ideal for Adults

There are many benefits for adults to getting invisible braces. One of the most obvious is that you don’t have to deal with a lot of metal in your mouth. The average person isn’t even going to notice that you have braces, and that should be the goal when you look at ways to correct your smile. They won’t hurt when they go on, and they can be applied in a single day — thus allowing for you to get back to work quickly.

5. Quicker Results

Invisible braces have been known to work faster than traditional braces, although the exact result-time depends on the severity of misalignment in your teeth and how much movement needs to take place. Wider gaps can take longer, but some simple issues with spacing and overcrowding can be corrected in about six months — in some instances, even less.

When you are ready to explore more about the invisible kind of braces, make an appointment with Cashion Dental, where we will go over this ideal and affordable option in detail.