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Dr. Cashion and his staff helped me correct years of bad dentistry. The corrections he made in my dental care have improved my teeth and he prevented more damage from occurring! Dr. Cashion is very knowledgeable. He is prompt at his appointments and takes time explaining and correcting all of your dental issues.

, Navasota, TX

I value the whole overall experience at Cashion Dental - beautiful, clean office, state-of-the-art technology, pleasant, friendly staff and Dr. Cashion's gentleness and ability to make whatever procedure you are having done virtually pain free. Even my kids don't fear going to the dentist!

, College Station, TX

One of my sisters is a dental hygienist. But short of having a loved one caring for you, the folks at Cashion Dental make you feel completely at ease. I really do feel I am among friends. I just can't say enough about the care I have received. I am grateful for what they've done for me and I will be their satisfied customer for years to come!

, Bryan, TX

Visit Cashion Dental for a Superior Dentist in College Station

In today's world, technology is developing at a rapid pace. This is also true in the dental world, where tools are constantly being improved upon in order to provide patients with the best possible service when they come in to have their teeth treated. One dentist in College Station who certainly keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in dental technology is Dr. Cashion at Cashion Dental.

Dr. Cashion is a leading dentist in College Station who has implemented the use of digital radiography (digital x-rays). With digital x-rays, radiation is greatly reduced. In fact, as a patient, you will be exposed to up to 90% less radiation than you would with traditional film x-rays, making the process safer for you. The sensors used are much gentler on the gums and teeth, so the process is much more comfortable for you as well. But even more important is how these new x-rays can help out the dentist in College Station. The College Station dentist now is able to instantaneously develop the pictures digitally – without the use of chemicals or any waste – and they can now zoom in on particular trouble areas. The dentist has a more thorough reading of your mouth, and Dr. Cashion can properly diagnose and help you with a better understanding of your teeth.

In addition to this, Dr. Cashion and his staff have also implemented the use of the intraoral camera. With the intraoral camera at his dentist College Station office, he can now closely examine problem areas that are difficult to see by simply looking at them. The camera can see details that were not seen before, and it can educate both dentist and patient on the full status of his or her teeth.

All of these new developments have one thing in mind: dental care. Proper dental care from a dentist in College Station is very important. Take the appropriate preventative steps, and you may only need to see your dentist in College Station, TX for routine check ups and cleanings. Rest assured that you will receive the most up-to-date and comfortable dental care that a dentist in College Station can offer by visiting Dr. Cashion's office today.

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