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Cashion Dental - Christopher Cashion
4056 State Highway 6 South
College Station, Texas, 77845
(979) 693.6723


Dr. Cashion and his staff helped me correct years of bad dentistry. The corrections he made in my dental care have improved my teeth and he prevented more damage from occurring! Dr. Cashion is very knowledgeable. He is prompt at his appointments and takes time explaining and correcting all of your dental issues.

, Navasota, TX

I value the whole overall experience at Cashion Dental - beautiful, clean office, state-of-the-art technology, pleasant, friendly staff and Dr. Cashion's gentleness and ability to make whatever procedure you are having done virtually pain free. Even my kids don't fear going to the dentist!

, College Station, TX

One of my sisters is a dental hygienist. But short of having a loved one caring for you, the folks at Cashion Dental make you feel completely at ease. I really do feel I am among friends. I just can't say enough about the care I have received. I am grateful for what they've done for me and I will be their satisfied customer for years to come!

, Bryan, TX

For Better Dentistry, Make an Appointment with Cashion Dental

There may be many College Station dentists, but for a dentist that uses only the latest technological advancements, make an appointment with Cashion Dental. Dr. Christopher Cashion is leading dentist who uses advancements such as digital radiography (digital x-rays) and intraoral cameras. Using state-of-the-art dental equipment provides the patient with more advanced care and it can help educate both the dentist and patient about the status of their teeth. For a dentist in College Station, contact Dr. Cashion today at 979-693-6723.

What Sets Cashion Dental Apart from other College Station Dentists?

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Professional and Friendly Care

Dr. Cashion’s goal is to provide excellent, gentle dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. The office is built with state-of-the-art features and is warm and welcoming. The entire team of College Station Dentists are focused on providing professional, family-friendly care that is customized to each individual patient. They will provide thorough cleanings and solid oral hygiene education. The dental assistants are all certified. The administrative assistants are extremely knowledgeable in welcoming patients and helping patients deal with the insurance intricacies.

Patients of all ages are welcome at the office. Children can be seen as soon as their baby teeth start to come in. Whether someone is 13, 23 or 93, Cashion Dental can provide customized care.

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The Importance of Preventive Services

Visiting a Dentist in College Station TX for your bi-annual cleaning will prevent having to return for more extensive procedures. A regular dental visit doesn’t have to be intimidating; scheduling a cleaning every six months will help you get a good, deep clean and remove tartar, plaque and other bacteria that can separate teeth from gums in time or do other serious damage. At these 30-minute cleanings, your teeth will be evaluated to see if there is anything that should be brought to a dentist’s attention. It’s better to avoid a problem by regularly taking care of your teeth or to catch a problem when it’s early to prevent it from spreading or becoming worse.

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