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Dr. Cashion and his staff helped me correct years of bad dentistry. The corrections he made in my dental care have improved my teeth and he prevented more damage from occurring! Dr. Cashion is very knowledgeable. He is prompt at his appointments and takes time explaining and correcting all of your dental issues.

, Navasota, TX

I value the whole overall experience at Cashion Dental - beautiful, clean office, state-of-the-art technology, pleasant, friendly staff and Dr. Cashion's gentleness and ability to make whatever procedure you are having done virtually pain free. Even my kids don't fear going to the dentist!

, College Station, TX

One of my sisters is a dental hygienist. But short of having a loved one caring for you, the folks at Cashion Dental make you feel completely at ease. I really do feel I am among friends. I just can't say enough about the care I have received. I am grateful for what they've done for me and I will be their satisfied customer for years to come!

, Bryan, TX

Looking for a College Station Dentist? Visit Cashion Dental Today!

For many, visiting the dentist's office can be a bit of a pain. After all, the dentist is generally known for drilling and replacing teeth, along with painful repair work. But the right College Station dentist will make you feel comfortable. He or she will work hard to make you feel like you are a part of the family, and give you the confidence knowing that your visit will be simply and relatively pain-free. This is what Cashion Dental can do for you.


A College Station Dentist has the X-Ray Technology to Get the Job Done


Changes in technology call for the best medical care possible. Older technology has its hangups, not only in terms of hazards, but efficiently. Top of the line dental practices, much like College Station Dentist, continue to set the standard of up to date use of technology, including digital radiography.

Digital radiography is a change from the classic form of X-ray imaging. With digital radiography, digital images are used to capture stills of the patient's teeth and gums to notice any problems or issues. The older form of X-rays involved photographic film, which were physically placed into the patient's mouth in various sections, while the patient bites down.
This new form form of imaging provided by practices such as College Station Dentist was ushered in a means to bypass chemicals and radiation. Even without the radiation, digital radiography produces X-rays on par with or better than typical X-rays. Another benefit of digital radiography is that dentists will receive an immediate image preview, which can be maximized and displayed on monitors. By getting rid of film, dentists also save a lot of money, since they don't have to purchase disposable film, which is a continuous expense.

Outside of convenience, digital radiography does away with radiation, which alleviates fears of cancer and any other issues. We live in a society where cancer is a serious concern, so it makes sense to do away with any kind of issues that might foster dangerous situations. Progressive dental practices like College Station Dentist continue to use new technologies to promote safety and convenience by both patients and doctors.

That's where a dentist in College Station comes in. College Station Dentist employs nothing but the highest level of imaging equipment to make sure that you get a low dose of radiation exposure. This means you'll have less than 90 percent of exposure than you would when getting an X-ray. We did away with the film that scratches gums and creates discomfort. The fact that we've gone digital allows us to create higher resolution images, which can be magnified to zoom in on problem areas to better understand a situation.

Patients looking for better dental care appreciate the level of care provided by their dentist appreciate digital radiography, because it creates the ability to better view and understand what is going on with a person's teeth. Education is key in terms of dental care, so that the dentist has the tools at their disposal to issue the needed treatment. Not only does this boost experience, but the dentist will have more confidence in the treatments they're provided.

The environmentally conscious will also appreciate digital radiography, since there are no waste products or any types of chemicals used that could potentially be harmful. Quality care is important for your oral care. The digestive process begins with the mouth, teeth and gums, so it's important to get the best possible care around. Those needing care appreciate the use of technology to better their care. Efficiency and responsibility is key and have no price tag in terms of the benefits that are afforded

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